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Reporting back to you: Residents’ Survey results – Your concerns

by Ruth Rollin on 12 April, 2017

Earlier this year we hand delivered our survey results to almost all homes in the HCC Brockenhurst Division – that’s about 8000.  We believe that this is the largest attempt in recent years to listen to you and to give you an opportunity to have your say.  So many residents have taken the opportunity to tell us of their concerns and of their dissatisfaction with the services we receive, and pay for, from this Conservative-led County Council.

Your concerns:

“It’s important to keep the young local people in the villages at prices they can afford.”

“New housing needs better infrastructure.”

“Hampshire contains areas of high concentration of over 65 year olds.  Let us be pioneers of excellence in social care.  There are long, complicated delays in discharging the elderly from hospital.”

“In the past 4 – 5 years the thing I have observed most is the deteriorating state of the roads – potholes, invisible markings, edges falling apart, not maintained – these constitute risks to people and animals on the Forest.”

“Cyclists can’t cycle safely on the edges of roads.”     “We need connected cycle routes.”

“Buses hopeless!”     “Virtually non-existent!”     “We need demand responsive buses and rail links.”

“Clean buses to improve air quality.”

“We need more opportunities to recycle and dispose of waste – not fewer.  I’ve already seen fly-tipping in our area.”

“Our primary school is brilliant – but I’m worried because I’ve heard there’s going to be cuts of tens of thousands of pounds to school budgets.”

“There’s so much litter everywhere.”

Ruth helping to pick up litter for the

New Forest Great British Spring Clean


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