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Dear Resident

by Ruth Rollin on 12 April, 2017

Dear Resident,

At garden gates and front doors across the New Forest I met many people as we delivered our Residents’ Survey and even more people took the opportunity to return it and have their say.  I believe that local councillors should listen to the people they represent and take timely action – that’s why I carried out this survey.  Local politics is about local people and local issues and local communities.

The Brockenhurst Division includes the communities of Ashurst and Colbury, Beaulieu, Bransgore, Bashley, Brockenhurst, Sway, Burley, East Boldre, Denny Lodge, Exbury and Lepe.  It has been represented at Hampshire County Council by a long-standing Conservative Councillor for many years.  Now he’s taking a well-deserved retirement, so it’s time for a change.

Residents have told us of their concerns  and of their dissatisfaction with the services we receive, and pay for, from this Conservative-led County Council.  Out of every £1 you pay to NFDC in council tax 71p goes to Hampshire County Council to pay for services such as, social care, roads, schools, waste and recycling, highway flooding prevention, libraries, business and community support.    I am not currently a councillor but because I agree with these concerns I am standing as a candidate in the Hampshire County Council election for the Brockenhurst Division.  Hampshire deserves better.  The Conservative-led County Council has cost you more and delivered less.

Of course, we all know that there are limits to spending imposed by continued central government cuts.  So I will make your concerns my priorities.  My focus will be to ensure that spending at County Council is targeted fairly according to your needs and priorities.

Vote for me as your County Councillor on Thursday 4 May and I will make your priorities my priorities for action.  I will listen to you and speak up for a fair deal for you, your family, our communities and our environment – the very special New Forest in which we all live.

Thank you,

Ruth Rollin


2 Responses

  1. Bob Andrews says:

    Dear Madam
    Could you please advise what action if any you are proposing to help slowing vehicles through Bashley Village
    As you know it is a 30mph speed limit. But there are no road markings or kerbside signage stating this
    We in the village would like this sorted before someone has a serious accident
    You may have seen our campaign that was published in the A & T a couple of weeks ago detailing our concerns

    Your views on this subject would be very much appreciated

    Kind regards

    Bob Andrews

    Holm House

    Bashley Common Road


    New Milton


    BH25 5SG

    • Ruth Rollin says:

      Having read in the Lymington Times that the concerned residents of Bashley were having a public meeting to discuss what to do about the speed of traffic and how disappointed they are with the (in)action of HCC, I went along to the meeting to listen to residents concerns. No other candidate or County Councillor attended the meeting to hear people’s views – again to the understandable despair of local people. I saw the draft plans that concerned residents have made, I heard the many ideas voiced at the meeting and the first steps that New Milton Town Council Councillors proposed. Indeed, I went to the Town Council Annual Meeting a few week later to hear of any news. I turned up to meetings and listened to your concerns – if elected I would work with you, your Town and District Councillors to make sure that together we could ensure that your voices are heard at County – obviously sooner rather than later. Of course, you will ask me what about the money? The current Conservative-led HCC Councillors have allocated money to budgets. I would need to look at those, see what can be done and impress upon the other County Councillors the need to review priorities. At all times I would make sure that local people are kept informed of progress. I hope that I have demonstrated to you that in the first instance that I listen to local people’s views. Thanks for your question.

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