Ruth Rollin

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About Me

I have lived in Brockenhurst for 30 years and know what it’s like to live, work, play – and raise a family here.

Listening to you and working alongside you for a fair deal for yourself, your family and your community and our environment – the very special New Forest.

• I have lived and worked in the New Forest since 1984 – John and I were married at St Mary’s Church, Fordingbridge and we moved to Brockenhurst in 1987.
• Our children grew up enjoying the opportunities this wonderful area offers and the excellent education we have locally – starting at the Playgroup and then Primary School in the village; after that moving on to Priestlands in Lymington and finally Brockenhust College.
• I work as a teacher – since moving to the area in 1984 I have worked in Brockenhurst and Lymington. I currently teach part-time at a primary school in Southampton.
• When I’m not working I enjoy walking three times a week in the Forest and singing with a local Choir.

I know what it’s like to live, work, play – and raise a family here!

I have a long track record of active involvement in the community – volunteering and working with and for local people – to get a fair deal for individuals, groups and our community as a whole.

As a young parent I joined in helping to organise and fund raise as a member of local groups such as Mother & Toddler, Playgroup, Gym Club and school Parents’ Association.

As a Brockenhurst Village Hall Trustee I worked with other parents, local residents, the Village Hall committee, Brockenhust Parish Council, Hampshire County Council and New Forest District Council to raise money to fund and design the 1990s Village Hall playground refurbishment. I ensured that the new safety surface and play equipment were delivered successfully on time and within budget.

As part of the Brockenhurst Millennium Project, alongside other Village Hall Trustees, I worked to acquire the Highwood Road site for the village so that it could always be available for the social, well-being and educational use of local people.

As Co-ordinator of the far-sighted and pioneering Brockenhurst Healthy Village Project in the 1990s, I worked with the local doctors’ surgery, the local NHS, NFDC, HCC and the Parish Council to help people make healthy choices by using the clubs and amenities of the village. I also listened to local people to identify gaps in services and then worked with health services, HCC social services, NFDC, voluntary sector groups and charities to find ways of meeting local needs – and worked alongside people to set up and run groups such as the Stroke Club and Brockenhurst Bathers – all to help people and carers to help themselves to lead healthier lives.

As an elected Brockenhurst Parish Councillor from 1999 to 2011 my efforts were always focused on bringing benefit to local people and protecting our environment. So, for example, when parents and young people contacted the Parish Council because they thought the village needed a youth club, I set about listening to and working with them to enable them to set up and run the Highwood Youth Club on the Highwood Road site. We worked together with the Parish Council, the Village Hall committee, Hampshire Youth Services and the Police.

As a counsellor working for Connexions between 2005-07, I worked in the community to support young people (aged 14 to 21 years and young people with special needs up to 25 years old) in the New Forest with advice and information to find training, further education, employment – or other support from agencies and specialist organisations as needed.

Working as a teacher in Southampton, I am proud to see how children benefit from the Pupil Premium – a Liberal Democrat achievement whilst in Coalition Government.

In all these roles I have gained years of experience of listening to and working alongside local people – be they young, old or somewhere in the middle – and also with professionals from various services and branches of local government to achieve successful outcomes that lead to a stronger community.